Vezérünk a bátorság, kísérőnk a szerencse!
Knights of the air!
Information about the server

Hello Everyone, KNIGHTS OF THE AIR is a Central European Server.

We have a stabile server connection, with far more than enough internet speed.

Our current map rotation is:

Mission ROE

Along the frontlines there are "No Mans Land". The distances between Airfields and Targets are medium. We advise all pilots to use 100% fuel. All of the modifications are unlocked. Custom Skins are unlocked. Large, Balanced targets with balanced Flak. Balanced, historical planesets in numbers, and in plane variants. GPS is OFF, weather conditions are diversified mission by mission. Mission duration is 2 hours.

Server Rules

You may speak English, German or Hungarian (because we cannot speak other languages) in the common chat. This way we can keep the chat under control. You may use any language you want/you can in team chats.

Shooting parachutes, intentional ramming, shoulder-shooting and friendly fire are strictly forbidden! Respect your opponents (this is not real war)!

Violating these rules will initiate ban for 1 day! Speaking/being disrespectful to other players or to the admins is unacceptable! Vulgar words, insulting, harassing others, political discussions are strictly forbidden.

If you see any player who violating the rules, make a screenshot/video and you can report to us that way! Max Ping Limit is 425.

The server is Online 24/7 with full player capacity!

We recommend to attack targets in groups. Otherwise flak will get you, sooner or later. We recommend to attack Industrial Facilities, large targets from high altitude. You would have higher survival chance that way. This is not a training server, it is a month long campaign! The team with the most map victories wins!

Teamplay is important!

We are highly welcome any suggestions! Feel free to contact us here, or PM:

This server is dedicated to the Brave and Fearless Hungarian Pilots of The RHAF(Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légierő).

Especially for the Aces of the VO. 101. "Puma" and "Ricsi" Squadrons.

„Courage is our Leader, Luck is our Escort” - „Vezérünk a Bátorság, Kísérőnk a Szerencse”

  • We have our server:
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  • We are warmly welcome everybody!