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Knights Of The Air [KOTA] by HRAF
Courage is our Leader, Luck is our Escort


We are running historical battles. Along the frontlines there are "No Mans Land". The distances between Airfields and Targets are medium.

We advise all pilots to use 100%fuel for fighters. We are providing realistic plane/modification set.

Custom Skins are unlocked. Balanced targets with balanced Flak. Balanced, historical planesets.

GPS is OFF, weather conditions are diversified mission by mission.

Mission duration is 3 hours.

Current map rotation:

Server rules

Shooting parachutes, intentional ramming, shoulder-shooting and friendly fire are strictly forbidden! The parking and taxiing player-controlled planes on the airfields wich are not marked by "Destroyable" are not valid targets.

So shooting/bombing planes on the ground at these spawn airfields are forbidden!

Respect your opponents (this is not real war)!

Violating these rules will initiate ban for 1 week!

Speaking/being disrespectful to other players or to the admins is unacceptable! Vulgar words, insulting, harassing others, political discussions are strictly forbidden.

If you see any player who violating the rules, make a screenshot/video and you can report to us that way! Max Ping Limit is 300.

We recommend to attack targets in groups. Otherwise flak will get you, sooner or later. We recommend to attack Industrial Facilities, large targets from high altitude.

You would have higher survival chance that way.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/KHbVNn5

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kotaserver/posts
Any help to run our server would be highly appriciated. We salute to our patreons.